moisture control

Don't Let Moisture Damage Your Easley or Greenville, SC Property

We provide moisture control services

Is your basement or crawlspace constantly damp? Moisture damage can be expensive and can lead to costly repairs if not addressed. Foothills Pest Control in Easley and Greenville, SC offers a variety of moisture control methods. Contact us at 864-855-3076 to keep moisture from entering your structure.

moisture control

Learn about our moisture control methods

Here are some of the services and products we can offer you to keep moisture away from your residential or commercial property in Easley or Greenville, SC:

  • Poly moisture barriers: We’ll install 8-, 10- or 20-millimeter plastic barriers to give you the coverage you need to prevent moisture from getting into your crawl space.
  • Encapsulation: We’ll completely seal your crawl space and install a commercial grade dehumidifier to dry it out.
  • Power foundation vents: These run on a humidistat – they’ll turn on when the moisture reaches a certain level. They’re best used in combination with moisture barriers.
  • French drain systems: We’ll install interior drain lines to keep water from pooling in your crawl space.

Discuss your moisture control needs with us today to find out which method would work best at your home or business.