Allow Us to Terminate Your Termite Problem

Allow Us to Terminate Your Termite Problem

We specialize in termite control in the Easley, SC area

Before the swarms of termites return in the spring, make sure your property is off-limits to those damaging pests. Foothills Pest Control in Easley, SC can guard your home or business from a termite invasion.

We work with liquid and Perimeter Plus treatments. We can also use a bait system if you prefer a nonlethal, eco-friendly process for drawing out termites. Talk to us today about creating a protective barrier around your property that will keep termites out.

Is your home termite-infested?

Here are a few ways to check your home or business for the presence of termites:

  • Look for piles of termite wings in your basement during the spring
  • Tap on the wood of your structure and listen for hollow spots
  • Check for pencil-sized mud tunnels or tubes along your interior or exterior walls

We can provide you with a termite inspection report. Contact us at the first sign of trouble to get your home or business treated for termites.